Vesgantti Memory Foam Mattress Topper 6cm

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Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper was designed to provide years of outstanding comfort. Infused bamboo charcoal provides odor and moisture control and regulates temperature for increased relaxation. An excellent choice for people with allergies, this topper is ventilated for superior airflow and extremely plush, breathable, light and airy.

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    Simply a better design

    1.Naturally Breathable And Soft Cover

    Soft Bamboo Fiber Cover

    Bamboo helps by its properties of repelling moisture.(perspiration)Provided a cooling barrier so the body does not overheat.

    2.Comfort Memory Foam Layer

    2.5cm Egg Crate Memory Foam

    Offer increased air circulation,with perfect hug,bounce andimproved pressure relief.
    Sleeps coo

    3.Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam Layer

    3.5cm Cooling Foam Infused With Bamboo Charcoal

    Top up the comfort.Engineered to deliver an instant boost to any mattress,anywhere.all designed to let heat escape so you can chill out.

    Technical Specification

    Refresh your mattress with comfort and support

    Pressure-relieving foam Infused with activated bamboo charcoal and memory foam for those looking to make their sleep setup softer and overall cushier—this topper is ideal for those looking to relieve pressure points like hips and shoulders.Our responsive foam keeps you at the surface to help you sleep cool all night long.We made this topper to be compatible with most mattresses out there—not just your vesgantti

    Sleep cool

     Soft Bamboo Fiber Cover,Egg Crate Memory Foam and  Cooling Foam Infused With Bamboo Charcoal promotes airflow and dissipates body heat so you don’t sweat the bed.

    Frequently asked questions.

    • What certifications does the vesgantti mattress topper have?

      Our foam is certified by a lab called CertiPUR-US®.These foams are made without ozone depleters,PBDE flame retardants,mercury,lead and other heavy metals,formaldehyde,phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.They are Low VOC(Volatile Organic Compound)emissions for indoor air quality(less than 0.5 parts per million).

    • Removable&Washable Cover

      Unzip the side zipper and take off the cover,then gently wash it in cold water by hand or washing machine

    • Mattress Topper In A Box

      Vesgantti mattress topper comes in a vacuumed packaging,it will recover it original size once you unpack it.Please note that the mattress topper does need few days to smooth the creases away

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