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Not too firm, not too soft. All Vesgantti mattresses feature our signature “just right” feel.

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The Hybrid Pro Mattress

10.2inch,medium firmness 32%off

Starting at only $139.99 $199.99

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The Hybrid Original Mattress

9.4inch,medium firmness

Starting at only $118.99

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The Hybrid Comfort Mattress

10.6 inch.medium firmness

Starting at only $150.99

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Life's too short to be uncomfortable. So don't be.

Adapts to your pressure points.

Adapts to the unique shape of your body to dynamically relieve pressure on your joints, points, bumps, and edges.

Support where you need it most

Extremely comfortable with plenty of support for those who need it

Sleeps Cool

Stretch-knit fabric top cover that’s soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable; Combines Egg Crate Foams promote airflow and dissipates body heat so you don’t sweat the bed

Pioneering the world’s most comfortable mattress experience.

We're deeply rooted in using sleep science to make the mattress that not only help you fall asleep more quickly, but stay in deep sleep longer. It is difficult to pick out a right mattress for people, the existed mattress may be too soft or too firm for you. So we started to design the multilayer hybrid mattress, tested and tested, our team spent more than one year and 5,000 hours of actual sleep tests to develop a perfect mattress that works in concert to improve your rest. We made the spring unit even more flexible so that it moulds to the sleeper's body. This means more support and a better sleep. We started with the four layers of foam, experimenting with different combinations of foam - memory foam, high density foam, high elasticity foam and natural foams - until we got it right.

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No-pressure peace of mind.

Vesgantti mattress is soft where you want it and firm where you need it.Not too firm, not too soft.

How to choose a right mattress for side,back or stomach sleepers ?

These are standard UK mattress sizes.This quick guide will give you the lowdown on all the UK mattress sizes

"Comfortable and affordable."

I purchased this king size mattress early last year and I can feel the quality of my sleep has been improved since then. I am a side sleeper and this mattress gives me the support and softness I need.

Custom review

Medium Firm and Comfortable

We've had the mattress for about a month now. Arrived quicker than expected. It's both firm and soft at the same time if that's possible--when I sit on it I don't sink, yet I feel comfortable when I lay down and well-rested when I wake up. It doesn't overheat 。What a bargain. Less than 500 dollars. Highly recommended. Only thing that I can't speak to is how long it will last. We will find out because this mattress is a "Keeper ".

Affordably Priced & Comfy!

Awesome bed very comfy not to hard not to soft perfect balance. I had $1000 mattress this out does it love the bed.

Great for my father who suffered from back and knee pains

I have had this for a few weeks so far and bought it for my father who is about 70 years old. he has been complaining about back ache and knee problems for a while now and so I thought I would try switching out her $8,00+ memory foam mattress to this one as he had tried a similar mattress at my cousins house. Since we have had this, he has said his pains are much less than before and he seems a lot happier with it. he uses a box spring with it and it's perfect for him. It was well-packaged, didn't smell much at all like some memory foam mattresses do for the first few days and isn't all that heavy. Would definitely recommend and I even tell my friends and relatives about this.

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