• Pressure Points Will Never Be The Same.
    Here's Why.

    You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting for too long and your butt goes numb? Then it starts to hurt and you need to waddle around to get the feeling back in your behind?

    That’s the same thing that happens to your pressure points when you sleep, except you stay in that uncomfortable, painful position for hours!

    Vesgantti Is Soft Where You Want It And Firm Where You Need It.

      Vesgantti Super Luxury Support System is the secret to Vesgantti ’s pressure absorbing superpowers. When pressure is applied to one of the coils, it pulls on the coils of surrounding coils to disperse the weight.


    Basically, the walls relax under pressure to provide gentle comfort and the rest of the columns in the grid pick up the slack.

    How are pressure points affected by sleep?

    • Do wake up with a sore shoulder and/or hip?
      Do you toss and turn because you can’t get comfortable?
      Do you often lose feeling in your arm or leg while sleeping?
      Is your shoulder, hip or tailbone sore and/or stiff all day?


  • If these are common occurrences, you may need a different mattress. One that can handle your pressure points like a pro.

    Convinced The vesgantti®mattress is right for you?

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