Every sleeping position places different demands on a mattress in order to position the body correctly. For example, side sleepers should choose a more flexible mattress, and back sleepers should choose a very point-elastic mattress. Stomach sleepers sleep healthier on firmer mattresses with high resilience, active sleepers should also pay attention to high resilience. Here we show you which mattress is right for you.

your sleeping position affects your health

Have you ever asked yourself how you prefer to sleep? Or do you already know your preferred sleeping position? Around two thirds are side sleepers, followed by people who only sleep on their backs. Some people can only really relax on their stomach. Active sleepers rarely remain in one position. Which is basically better, because the musculature loosens and the ligaments can relax. But everyone has a favorite position in which they prefer to sleep.

Find the right mattress
If back pain or even tension occurs, we try to change our usual position while sleeping in order to avoid the pain or tension. Unfortunately, this is a fallacy, because during the sleep phase we actually have no influence on which position our body needs most in order to relax properly. Therefore, before buying a mattress, we should make sure that it is the right sleeping surface for our weight, size and body shape and that is best suited to our individual sleeping habits. This is the only way we can sleep healthy and restful in order to start the next day fit.

The right mattress for side sleepers should be so flexible and elastic that the shoulders and pelvis can sink in softly so that the spine maintains its natural curvature and is relieved. In addition, the waist must be sufficiently supported by the mattress so that the spine does not bend unnaturally at this point.

The heart of the Vesgantti mattress is an approx. 20 cm high pocket spring core made of individually packed barrel pocket springs, which ensures good cushioning in every sleeping position

The Vesgantti foam supports your favorite sleeping position by stabilizing it, especially in the pelvis and shoulder area. There are incisions in this layer that can be individually adjusted to your body contours, ensuring that you can lie ergonomically in any sleeping position. Since back sleepers i. i.e. As a rule, if you move less, the muscles and ligaments are not sufficiently loosened and relaxed. It is therefore particularly important to choose a mattress that provides adequate support for the neck and spine to prevent pain and cramping.

The right mattress for back sleepers should be point-elastic and have optimal pressure relief so that the intervertebral discs can regenerate. Above all, the back should be given the best possible support by the mattress so that it does not sag.

Conclusion: Back sleepers can also use almost any type of mattress. In order to relieve the back and spine as best as possible, a mattress should be chosen that is not too firm and is point-elastic, such as Vesgantti pocket spring mattress Medium-firm orthopedic barrel pocket spring mattress (H3, tight-top 24cm ) or visco foam mattresses. In this way, the body is supported by the lumbar vertebra, the pelvis does not sag and the spine can relax. Here, too, mattresses are recommended in order to allow the body to rest ergonomically. Stomach sleepers should choose a mattress that guides the body to a healthy posture in the best possible way. Point-elastic mattresses with a high restoring force are particularly suitable, which means they adapt quickly to new positions so that restless sleepers are not prevented from moving.

Pocket spring mattresses, barrel pocket spring mattresses and cold foam mattresses with lying zones are therefore suitable mattresses for stomach sleepers.