If you’re unluckily suffer from scabies,you must be careful!This skin disoreder may cause your sleeping environment very dirty,even scabies can live in your mattress and bedding.

Scabies is a chronic infectious skin disease caused by scabies parasitized in the cuticle of human skin.Untreated, these microscopic mites can live on your skin for months. They reproduce on the surface of your skin and then burrow into it and lay eggs. People suffer scabies will feel severe itching and produce red rash to form on the skin.The more worse is that scabies spreads quickly through close physical contact in a family、school or nursing home. Scabies is transmitted by direct contact (including sexual contact) with human scabies.In addition,The use of clothesmattress or bedding of scabies patients can indirectly infect others.

You may be afraid of having this skin disorder or you’re confused whether you suffer from this illness because you feel itch recently. There are humoral and cellular immunity involved in the pathogenesis of scabies. Pruritus is related to the activity of scabies in skin lesions, physical and chemical stimulation of feces and other excrement, and the participation of inflammatory factors and cells. The main symptom of scabies is itching, especially at night,because scabies has strong activity at night. But in the early stage of scabies, the pruritus is not very serious, most of them are paroxysmal mild pruritus; scabies rash is easy to occur in the thin and tender skin, especially in the fingers, abdomen, breast, armpit, groin, pudenda and so on. If scabies can't be treated in time, Scabies will multiply under the skin in a large amount, which will cause rejection reaction of skin tissue and phagocytosis reaction of phagocytes. It is easy to wrap a large number of scabies living in groups with fibrous tissue and form a large scabies nodule.

Now,you could notice the serious scabies,and i believe the things you want to do at once is taking action to avoid fuck scabies to infect others,and killed these scabies. Regarding for the topic about how to clean up your house after scabies.Here are some guidelines you can reference,which can help you maintain a clean environment.

How to prevent scabies from living in your room

Firstly, The close fitting clothes and bed sheets of scabies patients must be changed every day, disinfected every day. Use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly wet rag to clean up the residual scurf and hair on the bed. If there is a stain, you can use soda to smear the dirty part, and then use a rag to absorb it, or use a blower to dry the wet stain, so as to avoid mildew and odor.

Secondly, You can boil the sheets and covers with boiling water (at least 60°C) and machine dried on high heat for 20 minutes to destroy the mites,Of cause,it’s a good idea to spray some disinfectant on the place where the mattress is placed to kill the eggs of scabies, and then take them to be exposed for more than a week in the sun.

Moreover, people who suffer from scabies must take medicine on time and rub ointment.Be sure to maintain a good mood, not irritable, and not depressed.What’s more, if your skin disorder is really serve,I suggest you‘d better change old beeding and mattress to new ones.