What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattress is a mattress made with a combination of coils and another comfort material such as memory foam or latex
 Hybrid mattresses are a great way to experience the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam while retaining the classic feel of an innerspring mattress.

Many sleepers are curious about the benefits of memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses, but they just can't make the jump to an all foam mattress. For these consumers, a hybrid mattress is the ideal choice. Hybrid mattresses combine an innerspring system with memory foam (or latex) to deliver the benefits of both technologies. Hybrids allow sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comforT

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What’s inside a hybrid mattress

So what is a hybrid mattress, exactly? The materials in a hybrid mattress can vary greatly from one to another depending on the manufacturer of the bed and the model. But typically, a hybrid bed include some of the following:

  • A steel support coil system. The best ones feature individually wrapped coils, which move independently and reduce motion transfer. (vesgatti ’s hybrid mattress includes a “coil on coil” system: a base support layer of tempered steel coils, plus another layer of individually wrapped coils in the top portion of the mattress.)
  • A comfort layer made from memory foam, latex, polyfoam, or another type of foam.
  • Cooling materials (including gel or graphite copper materials that are low conductors of heat and help slow down the transfer of body warmth to the mattress), which may be part of the foam comfort layer.
  • A pillow top to provide additional cushioning. Pillow tops can be standard or Euro style and are made from foam, cotton, wool, or fiberfill.

What a hybrid mattress feels like

The specific feel of any individual hybrid mattress depends on the type of materials inside it—but it will usually be different from what you’ll feel if you lie on a traditional innerspring or a pure foam mattress

Initially, you’ll experience that soft feeling that foam provides, but you’ll also feel reinforced support from the coils, making it easier to move around and change sleeping positions than on an all-foam mattress. Instead of sinking down, as you would on an all-foam mattress, the foam-spring combination makes you feel more elevated and buoyant.

Hybrid spring-foam mattresses also tend to sleep cooler than all-foam mattresses, because more air can circulate through the springs than is be able to circulate through foam layers.

Who a hybrid mattress is ideal for

Whether or not you’ll love a hybrid mattress depends on your body size, shape, sleep preferences, and comfort preferences. But in general, Kinsley says, people who sleep on their sides or their backs tend to like hybrid beds.

For side sleepers, two major pressure points—your shoulders and your hips—are vulnerable as they support you on top of the sleep surface. “Hybrid beds give you the pressure relief of foam, and then you’ve got the elevation that’s provided by the active support of an innerspring,” he says.

Hybrid mattresses are also great for minimizing the amount of movement you’ll feel from your sleep partner (which innerspring mattresses traditionally have not been great at), while still offering the responsiveness of a coil support system.

How to know you’re picking the best hybrid mattress

The first thing anyone buying a mattress should make sure of is that they choose a bed that’s going to feel comfortable to them.

After that, look at the quality of the materials used in the mattress. Are the coils pocketed or encased? Because this type of coil minimizes the movement you feel from the other side of the bed, you may get a better night’s sleep. Also look for a high-density foam, which won’t wear out as fast.

And remember that all materials come in varying levels of quality. For instance, when it comes to latex, natural varieties tend to last longer than synthetic ones.d a foam one, you don’t have to make that choice. A hybrid mattress will give you the best of both worlds.