It’s important for a child to have a good sleep.Sleep play an essential role in children’s developemnt,because sleep would influence they memory, immune system responsiveness and even school performance.
how to choose mattress for children
Therefore, the selection of bedding and mattress are related to children’s sleep, a good mattress can help the kid rest peacefully. Mattresses can affect the growth and development of children, because baby, toddler or child are at an important age of bone growth and shaping. During this time, if you do not pay attention to the choice of mattresses, their bone development may be affected badly, so parents must pay attention to the choice of children's mattresses.However,you don’t need to be nervours, today we will introduce Some points of children's mattress selection, you can refer to when choosing a mattress for children.Also,you can reference the artical The Best Mattresses For Kids (2020 Reviews),written by Caitlin (two kids' mother),who is a freelance lifestyle writer and a frequent contributor.It's pleasure that our brand Vesgantti is also admitted to the selection of best mattress for kids.
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  • Type & Material 

There’re generally three major options of mattress types to improve children's comfort: innerspringfoamOrganic and hybrid. Each of these mattresses comes with pros and cons you’ll wanna know before you make the leap. What’s more, whatever mattress you choose,you should priority ensure that all the current consumer protection standards have been met. For example, vesgantti foam is tested and certified by CertiPUR-US and BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 certified to meet high standards in physical performance, content,indoor emissions and environmental stewardship.

  • Breathability   

Children have exuberant metabolism and they’re easy to sweat.Therefore, the mattress must be good for ventilation and water absorption, so that the child's bed surface can be kept clean at any time. So what’s level of vesgantti mattress’breathability?The comfort-stretch and breathable cover,breathable foam and egg crate foam promotes airflow and dissipates body heat so chidren don’t sweat the bed.

  • Supportive

Parents get them something that can contour their spine well without stressing the pressure points. It’s not suggested to select too soft mattress which is not benefic for children’s body. Choosing a mattress with strong resilience and good support can effectively support children's bodies.

  • Height & Size

The height should not be too high, usually below 50 cm. But the size should be wide enough to accommodate children's flips, usually about 2 meters.In addition,children will grow up and become more taller,parents need to consider child’s age、height and make sure that the mattress you buy can truly grow with your child for years to come, when you choose the size of mattress.Specific size chart,you can reference vesgantti size there.

  • Safety

Baby is active and energetic. They always like to jump up and down on the bed, so parents should ensure that the bed is stable and there is no danger of collapse. You should choose a durable, destructive bed, and regularly check whether the joints of the bed are firm, especially with a bed with a metal frame, the screws can easily come off.Also, Pay attention to mattresses ‘s edges and corners, you can use rounded edges to close the corners.

Regardless of the type of mattress you buy,a mattress fitted sheet is always a good idea, as it protect you mattress from stains and can be removed for cleaning.So why don't take a sheet with your mattress?